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Good design thinking in unexpected places

While we were demonstrating our rostering software to the Australian and New Zealand psychiatrists at the RANZCP conference in Cairns last week we discovered a short but excellent book about design....

May 20, 2019bestpractice

How many doctors to accredit?

One of the questions that we don't actually get asked, but we have strong views on, is how many people should be on the roster.

In most private hospitals, anyone who is accredited to work at...

February 11, 2019bestpractice

New self-rostering features

HosPortal has some self-rostering features that make it distinctive in the medical and hospital environment. All our private hospital customers, and some of our public hospitals, use variations of...

January 31, 2019bestpractice

Software vs actual real live people

We have previously written about how hard it is to fully automate the process of generating...

December 15, 2018bestpractice

Financial and risk benefits of using HosPortal - a case study

We know that a finance team sometimes needs more convincing than the doctors who use our system. In November we wrote a blog post about our spreadsheet template that potential customers can use to...

April 16, 2018bestpractice

Better ways to communicate

HosPortal is designed so that it can be the single point to manage both the on-call roster (generate the roster, manage changes), and the process of call-backs (who is on call right now, and how do I...

March 21, 2018bestpractice

How quickly can you fill your shifts?

We recently set a new record for the time to fill an annual on-call roster: fifteen minutes. Let me write that again: 365 shifts across a 12-month roter allocated across over 200 doctors in less than...

March 13, 2018bestpractice

How long should your self-roster window be?

More feedback from the self-roster season. We have had a number of discussions about how long you should allow for people to pick their shifts in a self-roster process.

The answer is: two weeks....

December 12, 2017bestpractice

Setting quotas based on theatre sessions

At HosPortal it is self-roster season, with many hospitals getting ready for anesthetic on-call rosters starting in February and March next year.

All of our private hospitals currently underway...

December 04, 2017bestpractice

What is efficiency worth?

A common part of HosPortal's sales discussion involves how to justify the benefits of improved rostering to the hospital bean-counters. The summary is that HosPortal can save you a lot, but the more...

November 09, 2017bestpractice

How to prepare for self-rostering

Once you have set the roster start date (see earlier post), you need to prepare properly: rushing a self-roster process results in bad roster outcomes and unhappy administrators and doctors.


November 07, 2017bestpractice

Self-rostering: how long is your roster?

If you are a private hospital and considering your next self-roster process, or a public hospital and have on-call shifts that would be easier to do through self-roster, then we at HosPortal have...

November 02, 2017bestpractice