How quickly can you fill your shifts?

March 13, 2018bestpractice

We recently set a new record for the time to fill an annual on-call roster: fifteen minutes. Let me write that again: 365 shifts across a 12-month roter allocated across over 200 doctors in less than 15 minutes. See 'Hospital B' on the chart here.

Actually, we thought we'd set a record only a few hours earlier, with another hospital, filling 80% of their shifts in 20 minutes ('Hospital A').

These hospitals demonstrated some lessons in common that can apply to all hospitals:

  • Strong leadership from the senior doctors who had set clear rules regarding the rosters
  • Thinking that started well before the roster window was due to open, and months before the first shift that was to be staffed.
  • Clear, early communication to all the roster participants regarding expectations and timing
  • And, of course, using a good rostering tool like HosPortal.
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