What is efficiency worth?

November 09, 2017bestpractice

A common part of HosPortal's sales discussion involves how to justify the benefits of improved rostering to the hospital bean-counters. The summary is that HosPortal can save you a lot, but the more complete answer is that it depends on your own hospital environment, and what you value in addition to time savings.

Being the analytical types that we are, we now have a spreadsheet to model possible savings in various types of public and private hospitals. See an example of the output in the picture. Please get in touch if you want us to send you a copy of the complete model.

Savings are modelled by reduction in time to:

  • Develop and maintain the rostering tools and infrastructure. Savings of over 95% are realistic here: this is what HosPortal does.
  • Set up and populate rosters and allocations. Savings are typically 50%
  • Communicate rosters and duties to participants, initially and every time it changes. For private hospitals this can be up to 100% saving - yes, you can eliminate time spent doing this altogether! Public hospitals slightly less.
  • Manage and update the roster after publication. In private hospitals this can be a 100% saving. Where unfettered roster swapping is not permitted, such as in many public hospitals, there are still savings of over 75%.
  • Manage leave and resultant roster conflicts. More than 80% savings are possible in public hospitals where leave is closely managed.

There are also some intangible benefits our analysis considers that may be of interest to you:

  • The time savings and convenience that every user benefits from. Looking for rosters, knowing when and where I am on duty, finding key documents, and communicating with colleagues is all a key-press away.
  • Reduced risk. This is worth a blog post on its own: most hospitals we talk to have one, and sometimes two, people who are critical to administering roster. When they are on leave, or if they were to be unable to attend work, then the rostering starts to fail. HosPortal eliminates this risk by having a simple and transparent system for even the most complex rostering tasks. And our help desk can support you, too.

We have run the model on a number of existing customers. It is now clear why some of them say that they could not survive without HosPortal.

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