A HosPortal rostering app?

February 07, 2018news

We occasionally get asked by users and potential customers whether we have a HosPortal rostering app. That is, the sort of thing you download onto your phone or tablet from the Apple App Store or Google Play that has a stand-alone icon on your device.

We don't.

But it is a conscious decision we made which we review periodically. There are several reasons:

  • We use dynamic web pages that provide full functionality and render well on any phone, tablet or other screen.
  • At hospitals where doctors are irregular users, needing to first download an app is an impediment to ensuring broad access to the roster.
  • Developing iOS and Android versions of HosPortal triples our development and maintenance workload...
  • …Especially as we are actively enhancing the functions of HosPortal in response to requests from existing and new customers. We either need to slow down the release cycle or risk the apps getting out of sync with the functions of the full-function web version.

Please get in touch to let us know if you think our reasoning is not right.

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