ANZCA ASM - come and say hello

March 15, 2018news

HosPortal is used for rostering and communications by anaesthetists, surgeons, physicians, emergency doctors and nurses. But because the business started with anaesthetists, and was founded by an anaesthetist, we have a particular soft-spot for the doctors who pass gas. And we know that our snooze-maker colleagues love the improvements we bring to their hospitals.

So we are delighted to be demonstrating at the ANZCA ASM (Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Annual Scientific Meeting, for the uninitiated), being held in Sydney on 7 - 11 May.

We will be showing the latest developments of our rostering software, introducing some of our new staff, giving away some showbag goodies, and - if we can get it into shape in time - demonstrating an exciting new product we think senior consultant doctors will love for their own practices.

We look forward to seeing you there. Come over and say hello.

See the link to the conference here:

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