Finance love us, too

March 28, 2018news

It is rare that HosPortal gets to demonstrate to the hospital bean-counters. Recently we had a pre-sales demonstration at a public hospital where everyone was invited: doctors, heads of department, nurse administrators and the head of finance.

The doctors and roster administrators were really impressed, which is what we have come to expect.

But we also received some interesting positive feedback from the finance representative, about how HosPortal could improve the efficiency of the finance team. HosPortal allows him to get an authoritative report of exactly how many minutes each doctor worked at the hospital. The report reflects any changes made since the roster was published and any ad-hoc changes made at the last minute. He can then use this to confirm the monthly accruals or staff payments. He compared that to what he does today, with is to do a manual review of paper rosters of uncertain accuracy.

The finance team at another hospital we are talking to loves the idea of HosPortal's data, too. Because we have roster data, we can verify payment claims made by doctors: were they at the hospital at the time that they invoiced for? Were they on call that night? We have started a discussion about providing an automated feed of data through to their finance approval system. We'd be happy to talk to any finance team about getting access to the same information.

We love these sorts of discussions, talking to hospitals about how we can improve the lives of anyone involved in managing doctors and their rosters. Please get in touch if you think this could be of interest.

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