HosPortal is growing

May 01, 2018news

HosPortal has always offered its staff considerable flexibility about when and where they work. It is all about getting our tasks done in the right way rather than any 'face time'. This reflects the founders approach: their personal working styles, their other professional and family commitments, and their quite different sleeping patterns! It also reflects the very modern on-demand nature of our staffing, with the development team based in three different timezones, and some of our suppot staff only working when there is a customer issue (which is luckily very rare).

But we have now grown to a size where we have needed to bring our staff together more regularly, and have therefore had to secure a bigger office space. Being the tech company we are, we looked for rooms in those trendy shared office spaces that are now everywhere.

It took us a while. We had to rule out some places for the crazy loud music, some for the patter of dogs around the 'pet friendly' offices, some because they thought all tech startups need everyone to be within slouching distance of a beanbag room and table-tennis table, and others because their entrances looked like you were walking up the dingy stairs to meet your dealer (drugs, not art).

Whatever relief we had at finding the first one on a short-term lease, we quickly needed the second: there are some things you can only learn about shared office acoustics and the lack of availability of toilet facilities by working in a space for a few days. But we also worked out we need more staff and therefore a bigger office anyway.

So two office moves in 3 months...if that is not the sign of a growing company, we don't know what is.

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