More features - detailed SMS tracking

October 19, 2018news

We are always keen to refine HosPortal to respond to user requests and to make our functions more efficient. We have a number of these in the pipeline to be launched in the coming weeks.

Detailed SMS tracking

We get very few help desk queries. Of those we do get, one of the most common is to help chase down SMS and email messages sent via our Notify function. Typically the question is to confirm that a certain person received a message. If a broadcast message did not elicit the expected response, sometimes the query is to confirm that a message was transmitted at all.

The process of confirming message transmission used to be a palaver for our users, and for us, too. But it is all now automated.

On the Notify page press the existing 'Track' button that previously only allowed Email tracking. See the screen shot here. Using this will allow each user to see a calendar listing the number of distinct SMS or Email messages that they have sent on each day, and for each message:

  • the message content
  • the names of each of the recipients
  • whether the message was received by each recipient.

A couple of caveats:

  • You will only be able to search for messages you sent yourself, not the messages sent by others.
  • For messages sent before today, before this feature went live, you will only see the recipients, but not the message content nor a delivery confirmation.

Let us know what you think - we always appreciate your feedback.

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