New health roster customers (1): radiologists

June 08, 2018news

HosPortal is distinctive in serving Australian anaesthetists for their rostering and on-call needs, with over 25 anaesthetic departments at some of the country's largest hospitals. But we are also growing in other exciting areas, too.

In the next couple of blog posts we talk about some of our new business outside anaesthetics.

Radiologist rostering

We have now agreed a contract with one of the largest public hospital radiology departments. This is particularly exciting, as it is a new hospital led by a non-anaesthetic team. It has also involved us making some enhancements to HosPortal:

  • Identify medical sub-specialities and qualifications in detail. All our craft groups that have broad and often mutually-exclusive sub-speciality groups (for anaesthetists, they are often grouped as general, paediatric and cardiac, for example). But radiologists have the additional requirement of accreditation to specific equipment (such as 320-slice CT scanners, like the one in the image) or practice types. A radiologist can therefore be included in multiple sub-specialities.
  • Map the qualifications to the rosters. The roster needs to reflect that certain roster slots require certain sub-specialties. Some will be strict (the person on the 320-slice scanner needs the matching accreditation), and some will be loose (e.g. only one of the two people on the mammography roster needs a specific qualification).
  • Implement detailed reporting and analytics tools. Getting all this right and balancing the load across the doctors requires detailed analysis reporting. And because many doctors need a minimum number of sessions of a certain type to maintain accreditation, the analysis needs to do both historical reporting and forward-looking statistics by session and accreditation.

We'd love to talk to more radiologists, to please get in touch.

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