Quality giveaways, and a rebellious political statement.

May 10, 2018news

We have mentioned in a couple of earlier blogs that we are having a really succesful time demonstrating at the ANZCA and RACS conferences.

A surgery fashion statement

Our branded surgical caps have been particularly popular. You are welcome to pick up one of our mens' (tie-back) or womens' (elastic-back) caps if you come and visit our booth this week. Or send us an email: the first 30 people before the end of May will get one posted to them.

Our management team spent some considerable time (maybe too much!) ensuring the caps were just right. Chris and Seema sourced a dozen caps of different materials and designs to review. We all spent some time deciding the right quality cotton-linen mix. Eliza worked with a fashion design colleague to refine the design and manufacture, so that they will wear like a well-tailored Armani suit and the logos appear just right. Jan modelled for us. Charles kept the team on track by asking "Are you sure you really want to pay that much for promotional caps?" And Chris quality-tested the prototypes in a real work environment to ensure they met HosPortal's high brand standards. See the photo.

We think they look great. And they are free. Thanks particularly to Eliza who managed the logistics.

Getting the best rostering software in your hospital

But they are a political statement too. Two visitors to the booth this week wanted to take the caps to wear in front of their senior colleagues as they fight the financial battle to get HosPortal installed at their hospitals. One of them works at one of Australia's largest public hospitals that is also one of our most enthusiastic customers. But that doctor also works at a neighbouring hospital that does not have HosPortal.

As she said to us:

"I was in the shower this morning plotting what more my colleagues and I can do to convince management to get HosPortal installed. Give me some caps so I can share them around!"

A great story...but maybe more than we really needed to know about her thinking process.

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