Welcome to our new CTO

April 05, 2018news

The team at HosPortal is delighted to welcome our new team member, Jan Schroeder, who has joined us as our full-time Chief Technology Officer. He comes with an impressive pedigree as a technologist and entrepreneur, and a great cultural fit with the current leadership team.

We met Jan some months ago when he was running his own technology start-up. We were seeking his advice on our expansion plans and we were struck by the depth of his technical knowledge, his energy and creativity. After he recently announced that he was available for other work we acted quickly to convince him that HosPortal would be an ideal place for him. So he helped solve our immediate recruiting issues with more than just theoretical advice!

With Jan’s hiring we considerably expand our technical capacity to meet the demands of new customers, enhance our offering to existing customers, and help us build some exciting new products that we have been planning for a while.

He is already busy learning about our current software. We look forward to sharing some of the fruits of his long task list in the coming months.

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