Welcome to our new developer, Terry

October 22, 2018news

HosPortal is in the midst of a major upgrade. More exciting features will be released over the coming months. These are in response to customer demand and to stay ahead of any other product in the A/NZ market. We also have good data that says we are better than any international competitor for Australian hospitals.

But it is the hidden technical work underneath the hood that we are most excited about. The rebuilding of our underlying architecture will allow

  • far greater flexibility for future enhancements,
  • greater ability for us to serve international customers, and
  • improved security and control for our customers.

Helping us in that task is our new senior developer, Terry, who joined us recently in our Sydney office after an intense search. Terry has hit the ground running and has quickly come to grips with how sophisticated our software already is. Terry has some phenomenal experience, and produced some gorgeous products. We are looking forward to seeing how he can work his magic for us, too.

Welcome, Terry.

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