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An interview with our Founder

Our founder was interviewed a while back by the team at Doctorpreneurs, a site dedicated to doctors who are also building interesting businesses.

If you are interested in how Chris got involved in...

April 11, 2019reflections

Product reviews - recruiting websites

It is not often we do product reviews on the HosPortal blog. Avid readers of the blog will recall our 18 June post that noted we were looking for a React developer so we can rebuild our leading...

September 05, 2018reflections

Hospital rostering and the rise of artificial intelligence

In an earlier post we mentioned that we have been looking at other medical rostering software (or physician scheduling software, if you are in the US).

There seems to be a trend to try to make...

July 06, 2018reflections

Reflections on the market - where is everyone?

At HosPortal we keep our eyes and ears out for what is going on with other software providers and the marketplace for medical scheduling software. This allows us to stay at the leading edge of...

July 04, 2018reflections

Software design

One of the things we exercise our minds about quite a lot at HosPortal is how to make our rostering and communications software as intuitive as possible for our users. This is not that easy.


April 12, 2018reflections

"Cleanliness becomes more important when Godliness is unlikely"

We at HosPortal like it when things just work in our daily challenge of managing the data associated with thousands of users, hundreds of rosters and dozens of hospitals. But our business is not...

December 04, 2017reflections

Good software design

The team at HosPortal often reflects on good design. Recent discussion includes why, after about 5,000 years of design refinement across the globe, you can still buy teapots that drip when you pour...

November 03, 2017reflections