"Cleanliness becomes more important when Godliness is unlikely"

December 04, 2017reflections

We at HosPortal like it when things just work in our daily challenge of managing the data associated with thousands of users, hundreds of rosters and dozens of hospitals. But our business is not populated by saints. So, as this P.J. O'Rouke quote would imply, we strive to keep our workplace data clean, and we implore all our customers to do likewise.

The cleanliness of data is particularly important in setting up a self-roster process. The challenge in any self-roster process is to design a system, based on current staffing and some method of allocating roster quotas, to distribute the roster load in a way that users feel is fair and equitable.

If the data is not clean and accurate then it is harder to defend against the inevitable questions if paricipants think any part of the process is not robust, with consequences for the reputation of the hospital.

In the next post we will look at one particular data challenge: how to get an authoritative list of theatre sessions on which to base roster quotas.

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