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Great endorsement!

We recently added another hospital that wanted to manage their on-call rosters using HosPortal. This hospital was previously using another roster provider that doctors and hospital administrators...

July 15, 2019rostering

Why cloud-based rostering is the way of the future

We demonstrated to a large hospital recently that uses a competing doctor rostering software, and were stumped in trying to answer a question about how to link various parts of the hospital together...

July 18, 2018rostering

Easier ways to build rosters

We are constantly surprised at how many different methods our customers use to prepare their on-call rosters. Some hospitals are extremely hands-on, with explicit rules and lots of analysis to ensure...

February 23, 2018rostering

Who loves to be on call?

This is the second in a series of reports looking at data available to hospitals and roster administrators who are using HosPortal.

There is a common perception in the private hospital community...

November 27, 2017rostering

Rostering meets econometrics

At HosPortal we are all pretty analytical and love a bit of data. Actually, we prefer a lot of data that we can crunch to come to some interesting conclusions...and ideally some useful ones, too....

November 24, 2017rostering

Medical rostering – a perspective on different approaches

HosPortal has a distinctive insight into the various ways in which hospitals manage their rostering. The approach - and the level of cooperation from the participating doctors - is the result of a...

October 31, 2017rostering