Easier ways to build rosters

February 23, 2018rostering

We are constantly surprised at how many different methods our customers use to prepare their on-call rosters. Some hospitals are extremely hands-on, with explicit rules and lots of analysis to ensure equity and balance across the shifts and users. Others are extremely laissez faire, and happy to open the roster and let market forces take over.

Luckily HosPortal can cater for them all.

And soon we hope to make this job even easier and more flexible. We have been requested to improve the ability to manage over-scheduling rules, such as the ability to prohibit doctors from being on consecutive shifts, or a restriction on the number of 24-hour shifts in a week or month, or a limit on the total number of shifts in a year. Once implemented it will significantly increase the value of automated and algorithmic rostering processes we will then be able to launch. We hope to report on these enhancements soon.

In the next blog post we talk about something that is available today, and we think it could make the challenge of creating a roster much less challenging: availability-based rostering.

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