Medical rostering – a perspective on different approaches

October 31, 2017rostering

HosPortal has a distinctive insight into the various ways in which hospitals manage their rostering. The approach - and the level of cooperation from the participating doctors - is the result of a combination of factors distinctive to each hospital environment.

We have seen various influences on the way on-call rostering is done in those hospitals:

Tradition - how has it always been done?

Economics - how do doctors and others get paid for being on the roster?

Overhead - what resources have been allocated to keeping the rosters running well?

Technology - what has been the attitude to automation, and what are the rules around how technology investment is justified?

Personality - who runs the roster, and what is their prior career experience across all the dimensions above?

Proximity - how aligned are the people responsible for running the roster, on the one hand, and the people making the decision on what software to use, on the other?

Strategy - what is the hospital's approach to accreditation of doctors, and do they allow and/or require doctors who do no regular work at the hospital to be on the on-call list?

We’d love to get permission from some of our customers to talk about what works well and not so well in their environment. None of our customers have nailed it. But they all do it a little bit better with the help of HosPortal of course!

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