Who loves to be on call?

November 27, 2017rostering

This is the second in a series of reports looking at data available to hospitals and roster administrators who are using HosPortal.

There is a common perception in the private hospital community that some people love to be on call, and others hate it. But how prevalent is this?

The data here shows that on-call rosters are heavily reliant on a small number of people. In many hospitals, half of all shifts are done by just 10% of users on the roster. Some of the users may have no regular theatre sessions at the hospital and just do the on-call roster.

What does it mean for hospitals?

  1. Before de-accrediting doctors that do not do regular surgical sessions, consider whether they are the ones that are driving your on-call roster.
  2. Conversely, have you got too many accredited doctors? Can you simplify your hospital by de-accrediting people who only might want to do some on-call?
  3. Consider what rules you might want to put in place to ensure that people who want to do lots of on-call shifts are not doing too many.
  4. If you do not have a system like HosPortal to provide an efficient clearinghouse to balance people who want more shifts with people who want to get rid of them, what is the burden it is placing on your admin team to manage this? What is the frustration in your staff when they cannot easily get the right number of shifts for them?
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