Managing your profile in HosPortal

October 31, 2017tips

Did you know there are many things you can do within your profile settings that can make your life easier and more productive? All with a few clicks of the mouse.

By clicking on your own name at the right of the menu bar, you get the wonderful profile menu that looks a bit like the screen shot here. If you work at multiple hospitals you may need to select the right one using the drop-down menu at the top-left of the screen.

Apart from the things you might expect to be able to do, like update your phone, email and password details, you can:

  • Under Add leave, enter leave, so you can always be alerted if there is a clash.
  • Under Preferences, determine if you want to receive email reminders for on-call activity or events. (Note that you cannot turn off call reminders sent by SMS: these are set by the hospital)
  • Under the same Preferences menu, you can ask to be notified if new shifts come onto the market.
  • Under Billing, change your billing details for on-call invoices sent by HosPortal.
  • Under Invoices, set your billing rate at each hospital, determine if you want invoices sent to your hospitals automatically, search for invoices generated by HosPortal, and send or resend any past invoices.
  • Under Export, export leave, call and allocation activity. You can also export events to add up CPD points for training or other in-hospital activities.
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