Clinics/OR Allocations

The clinics module (for OR, clinic or any regularly rostered location requiring several staff members) allows the setting up of complex regular session templates. For example, "Surgeon S in Theatre 1 every 4th week in the morning with Anaesthetist A". Or "Anaesthetist A is free every second Monday afternoon" These templates are then correlated with the other information on HosPortal when the theatre allocations are performed by an administrator. When, for example, an anaesthetist for a regular session is unavailable, other anaesthetists who have designated themselves free on that session will appear in a list for allocation. The administrator can check the templates for a day, assign a few "out of ordinary sessions" and then publish the day's allocations. If surgeons are also part of HosPortal, their leave results in available theatre time which can also be reported and utilised more efficiently. These allocations, once published, can have attached notifications by email or SMS, similar to the call roster.