• At its core, the roster element of Hosportal means that the current and up to date roster is always available to anyone with a password and internet access
  • It can be seen by hospital staff at any internet terminal - on the ward, in the OR, switchboard or delivery suite
  • The contact details of the person on call can be made easily available to those with appropriate access
  • Any number of rosters can be set up, with some or any user types assigned to particular types of call
  • Changes can be made online (by those with appropriate access) and then are immediately available, and a data trail is generated, as well as immediate notification to users and admin by email
  • User reminders by email and/or SMS [SMS is optional, and generates a per use cost]
  • Rosters can be automatically delivered by email or fax to locations such as switchboards or operating suites, as well as being accessed at anytime via internet
  • Call templates and leave clash visibiliy slots significantly reduces work of roster generation